How Reducing Your Stress Can Improve Your Motivation

Some days it’s easy to feel motivated. The sky is blue outside, everyone around you is in a good mood, and it feels like you’re making progress in life. Other days, it’s as if just deleting emails from your ever growing inbox is too great a burden to bear. How can you improve your motivation, so it’s consistent across the board?

The days when you’re just treading water to stay afloat is when you wonder when that zest for getting stuff done will come back. And come back quick, so you can not only feel good about yourself, but actually see your life moving in a forward direction.

One such way, is to reduce stress. Reducing stress can improve your motivation.

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Where does motivation come from?

Motivation comes from a place of hope. Stress squashes hope. It makes you feel as if you’re trapped and it limits your creativity to find new ways to solve problems. It decreases energy and creates tension in the body.

Have you ever noticed that people often feel energetic and motivated on payday? It’s because they have money in the bank (for a short while at least) and things are looking up. They feel a sense of power because they’re able to pay some bills. They feel rewarded for their efforts at work.

The stress and reality of their everyday lives, coupled with money vanishing quickly, leads people back into the cycle of looking for motivation in their coffee or by dreaming of a far away vacation.

Some stress is inevitable. No matter how you make your money, no matter what kind of relationships you find yourself in, you’ll encounter stress somewhere during your journey in life.

The key is to make it manageable, and make positive changes in your life so that the damaging type of stress is eliminated.

Positive choices equal more energy and hope, which in turn reduce your stress. That is, if you make smart choices in a specific effort to simplify your life and achieve better mental health.

A motivated state is a naturally occurring state that’ll flower for you once you’ve straightened out your stress level. You’ll be amazed at the things you’ll be able to accomplish and the goals you’ll want to set.

Improve your motivation by taking a good, hard look at your life. Eliminate schedules that don’t work, or stop doing things the hard way to reduce your stress.

Of course there are things you can’t change. At least right away. There are things you just think you can’t change. Try to look at every part of your life with an open mind.

Change your view to improve your motivation

You can also develop your motivation by changing how you react to situations, thereby reducing your stress in that way.

Some people drink coffee and energy drinks to create motivation. Ask yourself if you really want to be doing what you’re doing if you’re having to self-medicate in order to do it. That’s something to think about.

Unfortunately caffeine can at times increase your stress reaction to situations which may not warrant getting completely worked up about. Instead of getting upset over people and situations you can’t change, save your energy and health for nurturing your own motivation.

In the end, cultivating your motivation correctly can help your own situation and that of others if you choose to let it.


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