What Is the Novel Mindset?

To commemorate the 100th (well, technically 101st) blog post on the Novel Mindset, I’ve decided to make a post summarizing what the Novel Mindset is in general, and what it’s evolved to be thanks to all of you persevering success-driven readers out there! So without further ado…

What Is the Novel Mindset?

The Novel Mindset is not just a blog about success. The Novel Mindset is a resource, a hub of information. It’s THE place to go when you need motivation, it’s THE place to go when you’re tired of working for other people’s success.

The Novel Mindset is what YOU need to be financially free.

The Novel Mindset is what YOU need to be successful.

The Novel Mindset is what YOU made it to be.

Thank you all for your unwavering support, here’s to the future of the Novel Mindset, and to the success of all its readers!

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