DISCUSS: Show Me What You’ve DONE! (CONTEST!)

Surprise! I want to hear more from you, my readers!

I’ve been wanting to see what you’ve been doing to take action to change your lives and strive towards success! If you’ve done something substantial, don’t hesitate and let me know either in the comments, on Facebook (through comments or messaging) and I’ll definitely feature you in the next blog post (with your permission of course) if you’ve done something awesome!

Here at The Novel Mindset, the main purpose is to change mindsets (surprise, right?), so I’m asking you who make The Novel Mindset even possible to share with me your experiences and ventures towards success! In doing so, you’ll inspire others to work towards their own goals.

You’re literally changing the world, even if it’s one person, or mindset at a time.


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The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure


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