DISCUSS: How to Invest $10,000 to Be Free in 5 Years



I wanted to do something a little different today, let’s start a discussion!

Here’s the scenario: You’ve got $10,000 dollars in the bank, you live an average life, you’re 25, single and you want to be financially free by 30. How do you invest that $10,000? There’s also one restriction, you can’t add any money to this through working, all you have is that $10,000.

Here’s my answer; Invest in your own business. Find something you love doing, and monetize it. Do not fear spending money to increase your reach through advertising. I would legitimately recommend spending all of that money on that one business idea, $10,000 is not a lot of money to become financially free, so risks need to be taken. Naturally, this is a very active investment from the beginning, but the goal is to transition the business into one that can be run passively, producing regular income with very little work.

What are your ideas? Comment them below, and we’ll start a neat discussion! I’m really interested in hearing you all out.

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