Fight for Your Future, Because You NEED Success

We’re always told to start saving early for our retirement in the future, we’re always told to work hard so we can have a safe and happy retirement in the future. Future, future, future… What about now? If we only speak about the future, a certain phenomenon occurs, as it’s apparent today, people simply don’t care about their futures enough. Whether we admit it or not, most young people likely adopt a “live today!” mindset, which is not inherently a problem, the issue comes with time.

In time, we end up with a bunch of new retirees who cannot pay for their retirement, rely on the government, and if you’ve followed The Novel Mindset, you know how I feel about relying on others, especially the government. Hint: NEVER rely on external sources for your financial success, unless you’ve got no choice.

We’ve covered the issue, now what’s the solution?

As a matter of fact, I believe the solution is to encourage and inspire youth. If you show them that their actions do actually result in legitimate, tangible rewards, then they will commit more of their times towards said actions. The method to achieve this is to inspire them, show them that they do not need to work towards a retirement, where they will likely even be too old to enjoy the money they’ve saved, and show them that they should instead aim for financial freedom.

Dear reader, in the end, everything comes back to financial freedom and financial education. Thankfully, dear reader, you’re already on your way towards freedom.

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