Capitalism Is Here to Stay, (Un)Fortunately?

To some, this might sound like a wake-up call, to others, it might sound like foolish advice. The reality of the situation is that the economic system is not likely to change any time soon, to some this is a hard truth, to others it’s a welcome reality. That’s not to say that there’s not going to be social change, but capitalism, dear reader, is here to stay. So, there are only two choices; learn the system and win or hate the system and lose.

I urge you to choose the former option.

Unfortunately, capitalism is not a perfect system, poverty exists right? There are problems, of course. However, social and economic change will occur with time, one can surely survive in today’s economy whilst wanting to change it, but in order to thrive, one has to learn the system. One has to learn how to make money, how to market themselves, and how to set goals and achieve them.

Dear reader, I assure you that you’ve got what it takes to thrive in this system. Remember to be honest, and it is a myth that money is made to the detriment of others. Work diligently, be wise and be honest and success is assured.

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