How to Look Forward to Tomorrow


Gary Vaynerchuck, an exceptionally successful entrepreneur, businessman and social media personality is notoriously known for hating Fridays, and his reasoning is spot on.

To paraphrase his answer as to why he hates Fridays so much, he stated that he hated people that love Fridays. Because, to him, if someone constantly looks forward only to the end of an arduous five-day work week, they’re living life wrong. I completely agree, this is an issue that is much too common and too problematic to ignore. The reality of the situation is that whether we like it or not, it’s true.

I’ve already written about this (link here), and it really is a massive shame to see that so much of our lives is just spent looking forward for it to end. This is unacceptable, and it bears the question; How do we always look forward to tomorrow?

Well, there’s really only one way to achieve this; work for yourself. If you decide to spend your life working for others, you will spend your life making others successful. If you spend your life working on your own success, you’ve now got something to strive for, something you would gladly spend your time working on.

Dear reader, know that you’ve got to spend your life doing what makes you happy, and as you know if you’ve been on The Novel Mindset before, you can most certainly succeed.

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