How to Succeed in Life

Here’s something many people want: Success. They want to be successful, to be wealthy, healthy, fit, famous, etc…

I’ve got a slightly different perspective to offer on this notion of striving for success, if you’re a follower of The Novel Mindset at all, you know where I’m going with this. It’s clear that success is, OF COURSE, worth fighting for, however, I strongly believe that most people won’t ever achieve it, though you can be different.

Why? Well, simply put, people often fail to even define success in the first place; let’s be honest, wanting to be “successful” doesn’t mean anything. Neither does “healthy” or “famous”, or “rich”, these are all vague terms. Dear reader, success is different for each and every individual, and I assure you; in order to succeed, you must first clearly define what success means to you. Naturally, this requires a little bit more effort and thought than what most are willing to commit to a seemingly pointless motivation, since truly defining success is essentially just answering “why” you want what you strive for.

Dear reader, if you can answer “why?”, it’s really only a matter of time before you can answer “how?” and truly achieve your goals.

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