Do Not Dwell on the Past, Work on the Future

So often do I see cases where people get hung up on their past mistakes, it even often gets to the point where they would refuse to try again due to fear of their past repeating itself.

This is a rational reaction.

However, it is not a good one. It is essential to understand the methodology behind success; it isn’t instant. Many entrepreneurs undertook new, daring ventures expecting that, somehow, they were going to be rewarded the next day. Eventually, those entrepreneurs were faced with a difficult choice; give up, or change mindsets. Sadly, they often give up, losing their will to become financially free or even dismissing the concept in and of itself.

The reality is that entrepreneurship is an incredibly difficult, yet incredibly rewarding undertaking. What many fail to understand is that you may not be rewarded now, tomorrow, this year or the next, but through constant, wise efforts, success will come.

So, dear reader, be prepared to commit yourself to a life of hardship, constant effort (there’s no 9 to 5, 5 days a week job as an entrepreneur, it’s 24h days, 7 days a week). Know, however, that success will come if you persevere.

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