What Is Equity?

Alright, last one, I promise. We’ve covered assets, we’ve covered liabilities, now it’s time for equity.

In accounting, liabilities and equity are assets, so equity is equal to assets-liabilities. In other words, this is the net value of a business. Another definition of equity relates to real estate, I recommend all my readers to acknowledge the presence of equity in real estate for it is quite a powerful investment consequence.

In real estate, equity is the total value of a property minus all money owned on it, as usual, let’s look at an example:

Leroy bought a home ten years ago, it’s value is $300,000 and he owes a $150,000 mortgage on it. Leroy is current on all other expenses. Leroy Therefore has $300,000-$150,000 = $150,000 in equity. This is important, and awesome, because Leroy can now borrow against his home’s equity to fund other investments.

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