Be Interested, Be Interesting

An exceptionally important aspect of communication, particularly when it comes to business and networking, is being interesting.

But what makes someone interesting? Is it unending knowledge about various topics? I don’t believe so. I honestly am of the camp that being interesting has very little to do with one’s overall, general knowledge. Of course, having more knowledge can fill conversations, but that’s about it, there is very little of value exchanged during these conversations. There could be a case made for knowledge regarding the principal topic of the conversation, of course, this is true. One has to know about business before going to a business networking event, if they want to network at all, that is.

I honestly believe there is an aspect of communication that is much, much more important than the previously stated, and that is showing interest. Let’s face it, as humans, we absolutely love talking about ourselves, and we love it when people want to know about us. By asking someone about themselves, and genuinely being interested in their life, they will gladly share their life experience with you.

This isn’t a psychological method for extracting information, it’s actually just a guideline to follow to be a decent human being. Showing one’s confidence is great, but knowing when to be humble is essential.

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