Do Nothing and Achieve Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

Now that’s a headline anyone can resonate with. Of course, I don’t mean that you can achieve your dream goals by not acting on them, quite the opposite. I’m simply here to bring a certain tactic to remain focused to light.

That tactic, of course, is meditation. And I don’t mean “zen monk under a waterfall” meditation (Although that does seemingly render the practitioner into a badass kung fu master), I mean the act of spending a few minutes every day doing nothing, thinking about nothing, and simply just breathing. The reality of the situation is that meditation does have proven benefits, let’s explore some of them.

Among its numerous benefits, two in particular can help every single human being, no matter their situations. These are heightened focus, and reduced stress. Let’s start with the latter.

I’ve previously stated that stress can be a good thing, however, that everlasting stress that is constantly nagging you, that can be reduced by meditation. There’s no instant gratification with meditation, but in the long run, it can reduce unhealthy stress to manageable, or even nonexistent levels.

Secondly, heightened focus. This can not be overstated, it is imperative that everyone be able to focus on their objectives. It’s essential to understand that motivation and focus can be naturally increased through meditation, this, similarly to the previous consequence, does not happen instantly, but over time.

I urge you, dear reader, to attempt to meditate, by simply focusing on your breathing, for five minutes today. If your mind drifts, which it will, bring it back to breathing. Who knows, you might find it useful.

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