Make Your Own Motivation

Motivation is an incredibly misunderstood emotion, many treat it differently from other emotions, however, it acts fairly similarly, why is this the case?

Let me explain, motivation, like happiness, appears to come and go, however, most wouldn’t mind admitting that they can be happy through effort. Happiness is often seen as a fruit of effort, change, and perseverance. Why, then, is motivation seen as something we do not have control over? It makes no sense to treat motivation as a seasonal emotion, I propose that it can be created and maintained, just like happiness.

As a matter of fact, many people feel that they can’t even be happy due to a lack of motivation, why don’t they then ask how to be motivated? Nobody is victim to a lack of motivation, for motivation can be created by anyone. Of course, this seems great, but the methodology behind creating and maintaining motivation is the problem, how do we achieve this? Well, simply put, set an overarching purpose, a tangible reason for committing your heart and soul into whatever you’re doing. Set a true, meaningful goal that you are passionate about.

By doing so, you set the cogwheel of motivation in motion, everyone still gets bad days, naturally, and may feel a temporary lack of motivation. But in these times of a lack of motivation, it is important to remember your overarching goal, why you were motivated before, and why you need to put in effort in your venture.

There is no easy way to get motivated on a bad day, or bad week, month, etc. However, ask any successful person how they get through bad times, and they’ll most likely say they just show up.

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