Why Do We Hate the Successful?

You’ve probably noticed that many people have some form of innate hatred for the successful, I believe this is clearly unjustified, and it presents a greater character flaw. This characteristic is mindset.

There is a preconception that there exists a predetermined path for all of us, at least in the minds of those who hate the successful. This idea leads back to the feeling of entitlement, many assume that they deserve great riches and success as well, I assure you that this is not the case. Nobody deserves anything, but anybody can earn anything. I further explain this feeling of entitlement in my previous blog post: You Aren’t Entitled to Anything, But You Can Achieve Everything.

This preconception that everyone works equally hard, and receives massively disproportionate rewards is rooted in jealousy. You get what you work for, whether you let yourself admit it or not, this is the reality. We are always taught that jealousy is a terrible emotion, and should be taken care of as soon as possible. However, when it comes to hating the rich, our peers, who preach the dismissal of jealousy, are the first to join us in our blatant act of jealousy.

Of course, there exists certain exceptions, however, do not use this fact as an excuse not to try harder. To paraphrase what many successful entrepreneurs have said, being an entrepreneur is not glamorous, there are no breaks. If you are willing to commit to this lifestyle of success, I assure you, you will be successful. But there are sacrifices to be made, many focus too much on the results of successful people, and not on their journeys.

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