Scared? Good.

Human beings are inherently afraid of change, of difference or being the “odd one out”. But why? What’s wrong with change, or being different? I believe the answer lies in our educational system.

From birth, we are taught to conform, we are taught to stay in line, to do everything how we are told. We are punished for coming up with new solutions, and other, more efficient ways to solve problems. For instance, have you ever had a teacher say “do it my way”, or something similar? Yeah, me too. Naturally, it’s not the teacher’s fault, but it’s how the system is engineered to exchange teaching with indoctrinating, it’s no secret that our educational institutions’ purpose is to form fresh, efficient factory workers. Of course, higher education branches away from this slightly, but in most cases, we are taught to obey efficiently. Add to all this that us, as human beings, have a natural fear of the unknown, in other words, we are notoriously bad at predicting the outcomes of our actions, so we fear taking action in the first place. It is more comfortable to conform.

Unfortunately, conforming is not an effective vehicle to reach happiness, whether you admit it or not, there is something you’ve always wanted to do. Perhaps you have a great business idea, or an idea for a blog? No matter what, there is a possibility of adventure, and there is a fear of undertaking it. The presence of peers that do not support your new ideas, changes, or undertakings is a massive obstacle too. As a matter of fact, I believe that when adversity is greatest, and everyone is firing doubtful words straight at you, you’re most likely doing something right.

So, dear reader, if you are fearful of undertaking a new venture, it probably means you should do it. Face your fears, don’t be afraid to fail, as you’ll come back stronger than ever.

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