3 Tips to Learn a New Skill

Ever wanted to learn a new skill, but had no idea where to start? I’ve been in that boat, often times the solution is much simpler than we anticipate. Here are three tips that can help you get started learning any skill you would like.

1. Find Resources

“I don’t know where to learn it!” or “I can’t afford to learn it…” These are two of the most common excuses used to prevent one’s own attempt at learning a skill. Here’s the reality, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of free, or cheap, resources online that can teach you almost any legitimate skill. For instance, services like MIT’s OpenCourseWare allow you to access a plethora of educational information at your own leisure. Another great example of a resource, although not free, is the service known as Skillshare, for a relatively inexpensive service, there are thousands of different courses you can undertake to learn different skills.

2. Practice Consistently, and Diligently, by Setting Up Systems

Practice, practice, practice. They say practice makes perfect for a reason. Practicing a skill without first setting up systems to be consistent is a death trap. Failing to set up systems and remain consistent will only result in a lack of motivation due to the lack of results. Nobody said learning a new skill would be easy, it takes effort. And you need to put systems in place, perhaps a schedule, to practice enough, or more.

3. Have a Reason to Learn the Skill

As fun and interesting as learning a skill is, if you don’t first find a reason to learn it, or an application of it that could benefit your everyday life, you will lose motivation. This loss of motivation is very present in students, where teachers often pass on information without first explaining why that information is useful to the students. In essence, to successfully learn a skill, you must first answer the question: “Why do I want to to learn this skill?”

So, if you apply these three tips, there shouldn’t be any excuses. If you end up saying something along the lines of “I don’t have time!”, I urge you to read my article: “I Don’t Have Time!”: The Most Dangerous Lie You Can Tell Yourself.

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