How to Enjoy Life and Deal with Stress

So often do we hear people are stressed, perhaps you’re stressed, I, for one, sure am. This is normal, stress is a human response, it is a normal and, honestly, beneficial response.

Stress occurs when we have a lot on our mind, a lot to do or to complete before a deadline. It’s like a dark cloud, looming over the enjoyment of our days. That perception is natural, but flawed. Stress is a human response, it occurs for a reason, and I assure you, that reason is not to make you suffer. Stress can be positive, it isn’t always the worst feeling. For instance, in the theory of operant psychology, one may consider stress as a mechanism of negative reinforcement. In other words, stress results in increased motivation, since we want to do what is needed in order to get rid of it. The issue, and why so many constantly feel stressed, is because often, they lack the control of their own stress. They must answer to others’ deadlines, and they themselves are not motivated to reach that goal as they see no personal benefit. Stress still occurs, however it instead amplifies that present lack of motivation, often causing procrastination and the situation to worsen.

So what should you do? Well, there really are two options:

  1. Fight it, and deal with it.
  2. Make a difference in your life, answer only to yourself and focus on yourself

Of course, option one is easier, society doesn’t teach us the second option, and it even reinforces that the first option is better, easier, and results in a better life. This is why people very rarely find the motivation to work on their own business.

So, dear reader, there isn’t a right answer, but which option do you choose?

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