To Be Happy, Make Others Happier

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”
-Jim Rohn, motivational speaker

Perhaps you’ve heard that saying before, and I tend to believe that it’s likely quite accurate. In essence, the saying implies that in order to be happy, or successful, one needs to surround themselves with people that are happy and successful, ideally more so than oneself.

Many dismiss this as they tell themselves that they don’t want to lose their close friends. While that is a valid interpretation, I would like to present a different point of view regarding this saying. I’m of the camp that you should definitely not throw away your relationships with your best friends, as negative as they may be. However, I also believe in the capacity of a human mind to learn, adapt and change. Therefore, it is possible to change your closest friends’s minds for the better. If your friend is extremely dismissive and negative, it is your responsibility to influence them and increase their level of positivity. After all, if you are the average of the five people closest to you, in order to increase your level of happiness, you can increase those very same people’s happiness, in other words, you can raise the average.

But how do you go about doing this? That’s where people skills come in, and the importance of properly communicating in a respectful, humble, and likeable manner cannot be overstated. Being able to change someone’s mind is not a feat of psychological manipulation, it is a result of being genuine and convincing. If you are able to increase the level of hope in your friends, they will tend to increase the level of hope in their friends, and so on. A chain reaction of good occurs, with you at the source. This is not a selfish endeavour.

So, dear reader, if you wish to succeed, help those close to you become positive and themselves succeed. Learn great people skills and use those to positively change other’s lives, yours will follow. The importance of good communication and relationship skills cannot be overstated.

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