Your Mind, Your Greatest Asset

Your knowledge, smarts, hustle, skills, etc. These are parts of your mind that can not, under any known circumstances, be taken from you. Therefore, it is clearly wise to invest as much as possible into your own mind.

Alright, here’s the issue though. I’m sure you know many people that spend a lot of time doing seemingly useless activities, and I’d like to wipe out this preconceived idea that we need leisure time. Sure, you can have fun, but no matter what, I urge you to invest in your mind. Learn. Ask any successful overachiever, and I assure you, they can not overstate the importance of constantly learning, for the successful, learning is a never-ending journey.

It is said that your mind has a capacity to store memories, and therefore knowledge, of the equivalent of over 300 years of television. Now, it is our moral duty to fill that storage space up with as much as possible, of course, the mind does not have a simple “record” button, but there are methods to learn effectively. For instance, spaced repetition is a very effective way to anchor knowledge into your mind by increasing the space between periodic reviews.

So what’s the problem? Well, there is a very severe preconception about knowledge that most keep without ever even reconsidering it. We, as people, have to get rid of the idea that we can only learn a limited amount of information. I’m willing to bet that nobody’s learned the equivalent of 300 years of television, and yet many are subconsciously stopping themselves from putting effort into learning for they feel they’ll have trouble organizing the information in their minds. Trust me, when you learn using effective methods (such as mnemonics), your mind will take care of retrieving the information you need when you need it.

There’s no more excuse not to learn, not age, time, etc. Life is an endless journey of learning, so go learn.

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