What Even Is Happiness? And Why Does Everyone Want It?

“I want to be happy…”

Ever heard that? Yeah, me too. Maybe you’ve even said it, I know I have. But has anyone ever really taken the time to ponder what happiness even means? Let’s be honest, that sounds like a relatively pointless question, right? Happiness, according to, means “the quality or state of being happy”, or “good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.” It seems fair to want to be happy, but I believe that happiness is not as simple as it’s definitions.

The concept of happiness should be treated and approached by each person in a way that suits them, however, I believe that the quest for happiness is one without purpose. Wanting happiness is, in my opinion, similar to wanting money, it begs the question, why? Why do you want to be happy? Happiness, dear reader, is not a goal, it is a state of mind, it is the result of achievement and constant stimulation. We can not simply “be happy”, we must first understand that to become happy, we have to earn it. In order to justify it, (and answer the why), we must set an underlying goal, of which it’s achievement will result in our happiness. In other words, happiness is the consequence of fulfilling your objectives. Fulfillment, in and of itself, is a reason to be happy, as a matter of fact, I assure you, if you achieve a massive, dream-sized goal, you will be happy. Not because of what you have earned, but because you have earned it.

Happiness, dear reader, should not be a life goal, it should be a side effect of a life goal’s achievement.

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