You Aren’t Entitled to Anything, But You Can Achieve Everything

“That’s so unfair!”

Ever heard that? Yeah, me too. That saying is heavier than most give it credit, it has a deep motivational impact on those who say it as well as those who hear it. But why is that sentence so dangerous?

Well, the short answer is that it makes it harder to achieve goals. The long answer; that statement has the effect of reinforcing the previously anchored thought process of “us versus them”, us being the middle class, and them being the rich. It consolidates the belief that we can’t change the situation we currently find ourselves in.

When we see a person who’s financially better off, or when we see that executive incomes have risen at a much greater pace than regular working class incomes, our instinctive response is to assume that it’s unfair and dismiss it. We then proceed to state how lucky the rich and successful are compared to us, and how we deserve to be rich and successful too.

Well, if the above paragraph relates to you, you need a wake up call. It’s only unfair because you make it unfair. There are no excuses not to be successful.

“But where do I start? How do I become successful?”

I firmly believe you already know the answer to that question, it’s much simpler than you’d expect; just start. Whatever it is your dreams are, whatever it is you want to achieve, work backwards from that goal and figure out what you can immediately do to start working towards it. It’s important to note that most people would fall into the deathtrap of waiting; “I’ll do it tomorrow!” or “[…] starting next week!”. Don’t wait, if you do, then your success is not a priority, in other words, you’re giving it up.

Success is not a lottery, it is the fruit of hard work and dedication. You’re not entitled to anything at first, but you can achieve everything you set your mind to.


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