“I don’t want to do anything…”: Where Did All My Motivation Go?

Ever wonder why you’re feeling demotivated?
I know I have, but how do we deal with such emotions?

When we feel demotivated, essentially, we’re subconsciously trying to tell ourselves to take a break, now this makes sense biologically, but it just won’t cut it now.

We live in an age where we can’t abide by the laws of human nature, and we must adapt to what our society demands.

Let me explain, our bodies, minds, and everything in between, have not evolved at the same rate as our society. For instance, the Homo Sapiens species originated over 100,000 years ago, however, in the last 10,000 years, we’ve undergone a massive amount of technological advancement, our bodies couldn’t keep up. We’re still biologically the same hunter-gatherer species as we were 20,000 years ago, we didn’t evolve at a rate to keep up with modern day demands.

For example, we’re technically supposed to spend everyday day gathering or hunting food, eating, reproducing, sleeping, repeating. Where exactly does getting ready to go to work, commuting and studying fit? Well, nowhere, and that’s exactly why we feel demotivated, our minds are finding no purpose in what we’re doing. Money, for instance, is not a concept that is biologically inherent to the functionality of a human’s actions, which presents a problem: How do we get motivation to work hard and reach our goals, financial or otherwise?

The answer is simple, but brutal and hard to digest: We just have to ignore it.

Yeah, I said it, ignore that feeling, fight through it, we might not be biologically adapted to our society’s demands, but one thing’s for sure: The human mind has an incredible capacity to persevere. We, as humans, got this far, we’re no longer dependent on evolution, we’ve got a capacity to learn, adapt and innovate.

Alright, but what can we do to get that motivation back? Simply put, nothing. Success doesn’t come when we feel like being successful, success comes when we eat, drink, sleep and breathe it every day. Feeling demotivated stops being a problem when you start to create your own motivation. Sure, we won’t always feel amazing, but we have to make working towards success a primary function, and in a way, trick our minds into believing it’s a primary biological function, like breathing.

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