“I Don’t Have Time!”: The Most Dangerous Lie You Can Tell Yourself

I keep hearing that damned sentence, time and time again, people block themselves off from what they want to achieve. If you’ve read my previous blog post about a similar situation (“I Can’t Afford it!” How to Buy What You Want), you’ll know where I’m going with this.

“I don’t have time!” They say, when you ask them to go to the movies, or to a restaurant, etc. How is this a bad thing? Well, innately, it’s not, the danger lies when one says it to themselves, it has a dismissive effect on people’s hopes and dreams, we, as humans, innately hide behind such excuses to justify laziness. Whether you agree or not, we’re all inherently lazy, and to stop being lazy, we need to stop justifying it.

Ever wanted to start an online store, or a blog and told yourself you didn’t have enough time? Well, unless you’re an unusually busy person, that’s most likely not true. Statistically, the average person now spends over two hours on social media daily, this equates to about 730 hours a year, or over 30 days (  Imagine if you spent 2 hours a day working towards a goal, you could go so far! People normally spend about a third of their time asleep (8 hours a day), and have a 9-to-5 job (8 hours a day), assuming you spend about an hour and a half a day eating, and two hours a day in transportation, you’re left  with about four hours and a half of free time every day, two of which are spent on social media on average, and maybe the rest is spent gaming or watching television, etc.

Do you see what I mean? you DO have time! you’ve got so much time, it’s actually ridiculous, so, dear reader, stop wasting time and start fighting for your dream future, you’ve got it in you, stop limiting yourself!

In essence, I believe there’s a huge, very underlooked problem in today’s society, people are too dismissive of their ideas, and this is extremely dangerous because we, as humans, naturally get caught in a vicious cycle of dismissing our own abilities. Actually, many readers will probably forget about this within the hour, I urge you to remember that you actually DO have the potential, the time, and the ability to achieve great things, it’s not a question of luck, as Grant Cardone stated in his book, the 10X rule, luck is a product of repeated effort. The only missing ingredient for most of us to succeed isn’t luck, it’s not better circumstances, not creativity, it’s confidence.

Stop limiting yourself, you have no excuse to not go for your goals.

Go for it, all it takes is effort.



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