“I Can’t Afford it!” How to Buy What You Want

So often do I see people complaining that they can’t afford something, and I’m here to show you that that one statement is incredibly dangerous. Essentially, when a person states that they can’t afford a particular product or service, the psychological impact of such a statement is terrifying. There’s much more to it than just not having the cash on hand.

Those words have the unfortunate effect of acting as a dismissive voice in one’s mind, it’s as if they approach a close friend or family member with an idea, only to have it torn to pieces and dismissed in mere seconds. They’re essentially telling themselves that there is no way, at all, of being able to achieve said goal and purchase said product or service. In my eyes, this statement is much more than just a representation of a financial position, it’s a way to dismiss one’s own ability to succeed, one’s own ability to flourish in their environment and reach their dream goal to live their dream life.

How do we fix this?
Well, it’s simple, if you’ve ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad (If you haven’t, stop reading this article and go), you know exactly where I’m headed. The answer really is relatively simple, just stop saying it, instead, ask yourself how can I afford it? This innately causes your mind to start finding solutions to a problem you didn’t even know existed in the first place. And, dear reader, we humans are notoriously great problem solvers.

Now go buy that jet plane.



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