4 Steps to Achieve Happiness

Einstein was one of the greatest minds in human history, so great, in fact, that his brain was stolen (seriously)… But that’s not the point, he once said that to have a happy life, we must tie it to goals, and not other aspects of our surroundings, not even people.

Frankly, that sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it? I have people I love, I have things I like… Am I going to live a sad life? Am I already living a sad life without knowing it? Maybe.

And that maybe is why I’m here, do you find yourself in that situation? Do you want to be happy, but you just can’t help but tie your life to people and things, well, here are 4 Steps to be happy today:

Step 1: Stop wanting to be happy

Step 2: Start wanting things and to be with people

Step 3: Work to achieve those things and be with those people

Step 4: Repeat from Step 2

This is not a contradiction to Einstein’s statement; it’s a reformulation. The “goal” that Einstein was referring to may, itself, be tied to people and things, and by that logic, it’s a-okay to tie your life to them.

“But NM! What’s your point? Do you agree or not?”

Well, my feisty reader, I’m glad you asked. Essentially, I agree, and so do most people, but then… Why aren’t most people truly happy?
That, is why I’m here.

To present you with a new outlook on life, a way to actually achieve those goals and truly be happy. I’m here to present you with a novel mindset.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” – Albert Einstein



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